Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I hear

I hear oceans breaking in the tree tops
Rushing rhythmically 
Through my mind
Moving inside a life 
Slowly in decay
Blood meanders blood
Matters touching every smallest piece of me inside of
Me built from him 
Built for you
To you 
The sound of fear beats
Throughout me now
Filling the crevasses of
My brain 
Shaking bones shattering 
Memories falling fragments 
Out of reach
I hear my children happy
Somewhere laughing 
And  try to remember
The last day

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Place Setting

Under her watchful eye I was
Careful not to move too fast
placing the smallest fork silently
On white linen
Not so much a click but
A soft thud announced
It's resting place where
Waiting to be used it sparkled
Under the light of the fake candled

We would eat in the
Kitchen, less elegant but
Our plates were filled
With food all the same
tasting better in here along
side comfort, under humming
fluorescent fixures

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Spin  around  with  me
real     fast,
in  circles
Let's  lose                 equalibrium
like  kids
I  want      to  fall
with  you
Touch     the  ground
and  push  gravity
so                        we     can  float
with  stars,
get    swallowed  up  inside
to     see
where  we  began
Up  or  Down?
I  never  want         to
wait                                                        again
    ancient  light
         from  forever  fountains
visions  new,                        not  dreams
this      time.
I    touch  them.
Starlight  is  enough
to     see
your  face  and
never  ending  future
swimming  in  star  stream  light
spinning  round  with  us

just  fast      enough

Friday, January 2, 2015

Love Leftover

Love  Leftover

Over  weathered  walls  white  flowers grow,
Up from the  reminants  you left behind,
   Creeping like clover like  clover  a  clever cover,
Can't  you  see  through,  beneath  the  surface?
Where  vermine  slither  endlessly  eating,
Tiny  micro-tastes of the love that lingers,
Consuming conscience with each greedy  breath,
Destroying sweet fruit that keeps them alive,

From  weathered  walls  flower  petals  fall,
Floating  to  earth  and  peaceful  rest,
Smaller pieces of you contained within,  
Each living cell of this flower dying,
Can't  you  see  inside  the  love  leftover?
Is it from struggle or resignation,
Waning movements pulsing without purpose,
Or is enough left over for one more spring?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Quantum Conclusion

Small changes enter,
Forever bending directions,
Toward different collisions,
Brief satisfaction shattered,
Tiny pieces scattered,
In the oblivion 
floating forgotten away.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Comfortable Room

A Comfortable Room

Such a comfortable room,
The fire fading fast,
Soft light an orange glow,
Casts curious shadows,
Watching from the wall,

Heat hisses through,
Remnants of wood,
Energy of this tree,
Nearly complete,

As I wait I wonder where,
It grew,
From seed to branches tall,
Did green leaves,
Gold sunbeams drink,
Only to lend comfort,
To my room,

In warm gray ashes lay,
What is used,
Smoke carried all moisture away,
A final ember so small,
Lights  fully my room,
In a moment all is dark,
So bright this ember’s end